• Nykeva Patterson

Should you listen to fitness guru's or bodybuilder's when starting a weight-loss journey?

There's a lot of information on the internet about weight loss. Sometimes, the information is not all true. One of the biggest mistakes I see beginner's do, Is listen to their favorite fitness guru. In most cases, There is nothing wrong with that, depending on what their niche is.

When we are solely focusing on weight-loss, It is most important to listen to our doctor first and foremost. That appointment you are dreading? Yea, Maybe you should go, It can be life changing in a good way; I know for me it was.

Bodybuilder's and guru's hold valuable information, yet Nine times out of Ten, Its mostly muscle bui

lding, and have coaches coaching them. You see, although we need to add weight training to our regimen, It is curial that we try to follow people whom are on the same path, which is losing FAT.

Majority of bodybuilder's don't really have much Body Fat to lose. They're what we call skinny fit, or the correct term, Ectomorphs. As obese people ( Endomorphs) We need a little bit more guidance. With the right program and caloric intake , We have the power to decrease body fat, and increase our muscular system.

If you are using social media to document your journey, make sure the guru's you follow have some kind of educational background to follow suite. As easier said than done, do not be fooled solely with looks. The ones with an educational backgrounds, will be suitable to follow for tips and/or advice.

Some of my favorites that I follow on Instagram: @Syattfitness @king.spk @obesetobeast @brixfitness and @JolleSamantha;These are my go to, Not all have an educational background, but majority of these guys share the same field of study.

So, To wrap it up, we should only be listening to our medical care provider or a certified specialist. The internet/ Social Media is a scary thing with a ton misinformation, Its a great way to document and for motivation, but that's it should be for. Please go to that appointment, and LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR.

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That's all I have for today's blog. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my blog, It is greatly apricated. As always, Peace Love and Blessings ~ Nykki

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