• Nykeva Patterson

Finding Your Why

What do I mean by finding your why? What I mean is digging real deep in yourself, and asking what it is that will push me like no tomorrow.

Your why can be very simple as being able to play with your kids, or tie your shoe. Your why can also be more personal. For example, You can want to feel more confident as a whole, or you want to get rid some of your health problems.

Either route is fine, but I would like you to take more of the personal drive. Simplicity can get the job done as well, don’t get me wrong. Having more of the personal drive, will indeed help you even better.

When you have a personal drive, You tend to block out every, and anything that will distract you. Your personal Why will create a force that is to be reckoned with. Your personal why will also help you attack the discipline aspects of loosing weight, and maintaining.

So which one do I recommend, Personal why or a simple why? I say personal. You are more disciplined and motivated with a personal why.

Your simple why will work, but just for the time being. The pros and cons of having a simple why really depends on how disciplined you are.

To find your why, all I would like you to do is write it down. Sit yourself down at a quite place, Just you and your thoughts Grab a sheet of paper and make 2 columns. One for simply reasons and one for personal reasons.

If your personal reason out weighs the simple reasons or Vice versa, then you have found the force to drive you way beyond motivation.

Congrats on taking that first step, I am so proud of you!

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