• Nykeva Patterson

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life.

In my thoughts, The ultimate thing everyone craves is happiness. How does one find happiness when they are on a path of self-destruction? Change your mindset, Change your life sounds so cliché doesn’t it? What if I told you it is 100% true? What if I told you that I myself, Am a product of that statement. You see, Growing up was not all peaches and cream for me. Although it wasn’t severe, I did encounter some bullying and being left out of groups. I did every, and anything there was to fit in. It got to the point where I lived with negative thoughts, and feelings about myself for years. The crazy thing is, nobody knew. I hid it very well, by being there for others. Distracting my thoughts was my specialty. Depression, Negative thoughts, low self-esteem, I had it all. It wasn’t until I hit 24 when I started to take that phrase seriously. I initiated 5-morning mantras and repeated daily for months. Think of mantras like little blessings you are grateful for. Another tool that has helped me shifted my mindset was finding my purpose. It's not rocket science as to what my purpose and passion are. It started as working on myself. As I started doing so, I've found myself having joy when people come to me saying I've done a fine job, Or what advice do I have for other women. Now I didn’t say Happiness equals Actually being happy. There’s work especially if you think low of yourself. Changing your mindset can be challenging for some, as it was for me. I am no psychologist, I just know from my own experiences. If there is something in your life that is bothering you, As easier said than done, I want you to face it. Facing these problematic areas in our lives, Can definitely be a start to a positive mindset.

Thank you for clicking on today's blog, I hope this message was clear and that we stay positive during this difficult time. ~Stay safe and be well ~

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