First and foremost, I would like to  congratulate YOU for making the   decision to change your life for the better. 


Secondly, It Is my pleasure to service you in any way that I can. Please take a look around the website, and feel free to utilize the subscription form for any questions.  


 Peace love and blessings to all. My Name is Nykeva Patterson and over the course of two years, I have naturally lost a total of 50 pounds. With a starting weight of 245 pounds, Having an understanding of the obesity life, Is an understatement.


Growing up sick with different medications, was partly the reason behind my obesity; I let it rule my life until the age of 24. 


Taking my life back Is  personal, but now I have turned my passion into a career. Regaining 20 pounds has led me to focus merely on nutrition. I am currently enrolled in a nutrition degree program; I plan on taking advantage of my knowledge, and experiences to end

" Yo-Yo dieting" 


Thank you for trusting me as your me coach, Together we Will create HAPPINESS FROM WITHIN!